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'Beyond The Farm' aims to reveal the impact of Black farmers on food production practices while advocating for more sustainable approaches and inclusion of Black farmers in food production and consumption in the inner city. Additionally, we strive to empower Black farmers to raise their collective voices and make real changes in the food system.

Our aim is to pull back the curtain on the impacts of black farmers and industrial food production practices and explain the benefits of more sustainable approaches to food production and consumption. We also want to help the black farmer raise their collective voices and take action to make real changes in the food system.

'Beyond The Food' received an overwhelming response to its casting call in 2022, with over 100 chefs expressing interest in participating in the documentary. Currently, they are in the first phase of content development for the series episodes and are selecting chefs for the first installment of the documentary. Required funding: $60,300.

"Beyond The Food's" is a docu-series that aims to raise awareness of the challenges and disparities faced by talented African-American chefs in low-income and marginalized communities in the DMV.

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