ArtscapeDC at Guy Mason Rec
The participants at the Guy Mason Recreation Center learned how to make a 30-minute meal using Fedelini pasta and a plant-based ground protein with the sauce being made using “fresh basil and sage” that was harvested from the Kenilworth Recreation Center in Ward 7.
ArtscapeDC at Kenilworth Rec
Participants at the Kenilworth Recreation Center discussed how to start a home-based food business while also learning from the days' food education session on how adding different ingredients to your average salad can be used to get rid of toxins in your system and restoring energy.
Artscape DC at SEED PCS
The Whitlow Foundation brought the Artscape DC program to SEED Public Charter School
Artscape DC at SEED PCS
Artscape DC at The Sinai House
The Whitlow Foundation brings "Food As Art" an Introduction to Artscape DC to the families at the Sinai House
Artscape DC in Deanwood
The Whitlow Introduced Artscape DC through Food As Art. In partnership with DCHFA and The Faunteroy Community Enrichment Center
Artscape DC in Deanwood
Thank You to Our Supporters at DCHFA
Find out more about their Community Focus here!
Artscape DC at Ridge Road Rec
Body Marbling
Artscape DC at Ridge Road Rec
The Whitlow Foundation exhibited Artscape DC and Food As Art for The Ridge Road Community Day
Artscape at MLK
The Whitlow Foundation conducted screen printing, card making and face painting at Ward 8 Fatherhood Celebration at MLK Rec
Artscape at MLK
The Whitlow Foundation conducted screen printing, card making and face painting at Ward 8 Fatherhood Celebration at MLK Rec
SYEP Art Program
SYEP Culinary & Hospitality Program
Craft Services
Culinary students conducting Craft services on the movie set of "Love Dot Com" with Actor Tobias Truvillion
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Scholarship Awards Ceremony 
AARP 2018
Meal Pack Challenge
Community Engagement and Resource Hub
The Buddy Bag Program
Kidz Biz Enterprise
Food As Art 
Study Abroad 2020
"Change the way you see the world"
Sweet Potato Festival DC
Book Bash


"Artscape DC"
Artscape DC is a term coined by the foundation that will create a series of workshops indoors and out, where art and creative activities can be used as an outlet for underlying issues that plague the artistic expressions and creativity in one's community. 
Speaking Series
​Our goal is to make the workshop series accessible to anyone who may be interested in learning, growing, collaborating with community members, and/or growing their careers or entrepreneurial skills from two perspectives.

Community Engagement

The Key to consistency is  continuous engagement . Meaningful engagement eliminates distractions.
When positive outlets are created, one can devote energy and focus to produce successful outcomes. 
Installation of the St Paul's Senior Living Art Room and Fresh Vegetable Garden
The Buddy Bag Program
Kidz Biz Entrepreneurship Registry
Careers in the "Arts"


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Food Pantry & Clothing Closet
Volunteer Program 
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Social Media Highlights 

January 14, 2017

artscape dc culinary  promo.png

Wednesdays at Guy Mason Rec

Join our Culinary and Hospitality workshop by ArtscapeDC. Free and open to the public in partnership with @dcdpr. Project "Food As Art" explores culinary arts and where food comes.
#foodasart #artscapedc #dpr #culinary #cookingclass #free #local

This is so nice I'll collaborate with The Director here to maybe get field trips there


January 14, 2017


 “Islamicca”, a series of standalone segments 

Join Nabeeh Bilal for the premiere of an animated spoken word event around the topic of faith and identity at America's Islamic Heritage museum. #foodasart

 My goal is to highlight other people’s truth through media and experiences to create a space for expression, reflection, and understanding. - Nabi 🙏🏿 🎶 by @chaosinthecbd_

Creative Junk Food

January 14, 2017

bcd x cbc 5.png

Big Chair Discussions @ CBC

Join Us to at the Congressional Black Caucus Conference for Big Chair Discussions! Join the conversation, connect and experience live activations. Check out the full schedule today through Saturday on out website. Link in bio☝️
#realrelevantrightnow #goanacostia #cbc2019 #cbcfalc19

I really appreciate for seeing my value and worth! Life changing experience ❤️💪🏾


October 9, 2019
September 28, 2019
October 9, 2019


SYEP Culinary & Hospitality Program